Fashion Designer Handbags – Messenger Handbags

INTRODUCTION: Most designers carry a selection of their designer bags for their fashion customer’s choice. The descriptions of these selected messenger handbags give the reader information about the characteristics of the bags.MESSENGER HANDBAGS: Messenger bags are mid-size handbags which give the owner a fashionable image to their friends, associates and other travelers. The bags characteristically have a rectangular shape with a carrying handle or shoulder strap. They have tough, durable shells and handles or straps for the long haul trip. These bags are created by famous brand designers who combine various materials, colors, fine workmanship and detail to produce attractive, pleasing products. They are admired and used by fashion conscious people around the world. There are many variations of messenger handbags and a few examples are:
The Burberry Crawford Messenger Handbag for women and men is a great choice for travel or work. The shell is the designer’s fashion plaid canvas with brown leather detail. Two adjustable buckles allow the flap closure to be easily adjusted when closing. There are three side pockets, a fully lined interior, and a leather shoulder strap. This handbag is made in Italy. The dimensions are: 17″ x 14.5″ x 5″.
The Gucci Cross-body Crystal Messenger Handbag is from the Gucci Crystal designer bag collection. This fashion designer messenger bag has an adjustable strap with leather shoulder pads as well as a top zip closure. The stylish designer’s logo stamped, beige/ebony canvas is used for the shell with dark brown leather detailing. This handbag is fully lined and has a zippered interior pocket.The handbag is made in Italy. The dimensions are: 10.5″L x 10″H x 1″D.
The Prada Black Designer Fashion Messenger Handbag is a beautiful designer creation. The shell is in black designer logo fabric with a single adjustable black strap. This fashion handbag is finished with calfskin detailing. The polished silver tone hardware is inscribed with the designer’s logo. The bag has a front logo plaque and front zippered pocket. The bag has a full zip top closure. The interior of the handbag is lined with black designer monogram fabric. The inside also has one side pocket with zip closure. This handbag is made in Italy. The dimensions are: 10″ L x 11″ H x 1.5″ W.
This Gucci Brown Designer Messenger Handbag is a great option for work or travel. Crafted in durable Gucci logo nylon with leather trim and light gold tone hardware. The zip closure keeps your personal items secure. The interior has two pockets. One is for a cell phone and the other is for keys to keep things organized. This bag is made in Italy. The dimensions are: 10.5″L x 10″W x 1″W.

Education Background Checks: What Employers Wants to Know About Your Education?

More than 100 million education background checks are performed each year by employers around the globe using third party education verification and background search companies. This is a huge figure which reveals that education is the most prominent factor in deciding an applicant’s future.Employers invest a lot of time and money in hiring and training new employees. As a result, they want to find out as much information as possible before committing to hiring an individual. Often, former employers and supervisors can provide most helpful information about a candidate and it contributes a lot in a current hiring company decision making.But the problem is that many employers are reluctant to provide detailed references for former employees for fear of legal repercussions. Actually there is a defining line which can make an employer less reliable on reference checks and that is, education background check.As education is considered to be the foremost factor of selecting a candidate for an appropriate position, it is also considered to be defining factor for an employer to rely on a candidate if his or her education is legitimate, as it has found in many cases that job applicants forge resumes by mentioning wrong dates of attending the school, and as the higher qualifications are becoming the criteria, many job candidates use forged or fake degrees to get the job.These issues are very common these days, but they can be handled accurately by using education background checks services by professional education verification providers. Education verification is a very sensitive matter as well, because forged or fake degrees cannot be detected until it is verified and checked by a professional education background checks professional.Primary source verification method is considered to be the best education background checks criteria used which ensures the accuracy and authentication of the provided transcripts/degrees/certifications or any other educational document of a prospective job candidate.5 Things Every Employer wants to know about an Employee’s Education:
Any employer verifying education of a prospective candidate always want to know the schooling details, which university or school they have passed, what are the ratings of the university.
Employers checks the accreditation of the university or school from where the degrees are obtained, because there are many universities reported which are not accredited from higher education boards of the country and also alleged in producing bogus degrees.
Employers want to know the degree/diploma/certification authentication by checking the attending dates of the school and by referencing through the teachers and degree issuing authorities.
Employer’s wants to look into diploma mills directories as well to find out if the degree is obtained from such malicious business.
Employer’s verify the attestation details as well to get know that whether your credentials are attested by a right person, who is eligible to attest a document or not. This can also testify fake attestation threat.
Conclusion:Regarding education background checks, often a deceptive applicant with a computer and printer technology skills can create realistic-looking diplomas. Because of the large number of applicants who make false educational claims, it is strongly recommended that an Education Verification must be performed when a degree or certification is required for a given position. Education background checks is also valuable honesty check, while helping to protect an employer against negligent hiring claims and its a must.

Preparing Your Business for Sale

The process from deciding you want to sell your business, to the time the business is sold can last as long as 5 years. To prepare yourself and the company it is better to break things down in stages.Stage 1Strengthen business operationsYou want any prospective buyer to view the company in a good light, to do this you need to start strengthening your business model as much a possible. You want to put as much value as possible on the business. Even if the business does not sell, this is good sound business practice, secrecy in this stage is vital.Stage 2Pre- sale objectivesThis stage starts when you have fully decided to sell the business. You need to put together your sales team, tax specialists, accountants and legal specialists. Get as many people as you can to subscribe to the fact that selling the business is a good idea. You need to compile all your sales related documents.Stage 3Initial marketingPut out a few feelers to see what the response there is to selling the business. Try and get a few people interested, however you do not want the sale to become public knowledge just yet. Make a few calls and have a few meetings, just to get a feel for how your sale will be subscribed.Stage 4Due diligenceThis can be a difficult time for a business as they need to divulge detailed information on the company. Make sure the people who are privy to this information are trustworthy and have signed a non-disclosure form.Stage 5Proposal, negotiation and closureThis is where numbers are discussed and agreed on, this is a busy time for lawyers and attorneys, they need to draw up satisfactory agreements and sort out contractual terms. After a price is agreed and all the legal work completed, agreements are signed, money changes hands and the new owner is given the keys to the front door.Stage 6Post saleThis part is often forgotten about and can be the most important. It is very important for the seller to make sure assistance is given to the purchaser. It could have an affect on your reputation or finances.As you can see it is a long drawn out process, generally when you get to stage 3 you are committed to selling the business, this does not mean that the business cannot be taken off the market, it simply means that to do so will incur financial penalty.If you would like any more information on this subject then please visit our website at, we have a team of experts who are well versed in the art of business recovery. Our website offers an array of Business Services including a FREE business directory and a Free website review service.This article is free to republish with the signature block.